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Linux distributions and Linux desktops are two different things. Each Linux distribution can support a variety of desktops. In fact there is much confusion about that. For example both Debian and Ubuntu support gnome and KBE.

I don't do much with linux desktops for two reasons...

  • 1: I am a command line guy from way back before GUIs were around and I gues I'm just use to it and
  • 2: Graphix in Linux sucks!

One of the nicest things about Linux is it works on any old piece of crap computer. And works well. Linux is a simple and fast operating system. I tend to convert my older computers that came with Microshaft Windows to linux for small in the office tasks. Web server, Data server, object server, etc... so it doesn't slow down my development box.

I have an old PowerEdge 1300 that I think I won in a card game. It had a weak powersupply which I fixed with another weak power supply. It had linux, but I installed Microshaft Windows 2000 Server and away it went. I didn't like the Microshaft Windows server (too slow) so I installed linux on it again. No problem. Faster and works better. Once it was up and running as a Data Server, I decided to play with the desktop, gnome. The resolution on the monitor was like 10X5. Hey man I'm a developer and very, very used to maximun real estate. I prefer 1600 x 900 or better. So going from that to 800 X 600 was hard to work with.

The box had an integrated ATI Rage IIC card with 2meg of memory.. Old piece of crap - yes. In operable - no. Microshaft windows gave me a 1280 by something resolution. Not so with linux. I know guys that get good resolution on linux and I tried a couple of different distros... no luck.

I tried some quick fixes I found on the web - none of it worked. I even tried swapping out the graphics card. Nada! So, my reason for number two is grounded in experience. I've been doing this stuff to 30 years. I have one windows box I use for development only. Linux is a work horse operating system. If you need it to run fast, stay up for a long time without memory corruption - get linux. If you have time to play around - get Microshaft Windows.

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