About us...

We are... a software developer... for hire!

Developing for 35 years.

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Email
  • IMAP
  • Shell Scripting
  • Apache
  • Tomcat
  • Too many to list...

NOTE: Leistware.com was getting quite large between my notes an the current activities of this site. So my notes were moved to

Another Cold Cup of Coffee.com

We work remote! We have our own data center - on site and secure - we do our own hosting!.

Services we offer:
  • email - from individual mail boxes to busness services with dedicated servers
  • web - from web sites to web services
  • cloud - from simple backups to large scale storage we have cloud services available

Need help with your project? We have all the facilities to operate as part of your team in a remote location. Available on demand

Worried about security? The entry ports into our netwroks are heavily guarded with very dynamic firewalls. Just one example... our web servers are equiped to stop a Distributed Denial of Service attack within seconds.

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Site Powered By...

This site is powered by the T-Handle... a device of my own creation. It's written in Java and uses my lds foundation classes.

  • base library lds-base
  • html library lds-html
  • network library lds-net
  • web library lds-web
  • xml library lds-xml

The T-Handle along with WAM can house an enterprise of unlimitted number of web applications!

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Navi-Guessing Your Way Around

A couple of things that may help with navigation with the T-Handle.

Content Cells

Each page... regarless of the template being employed... is made up of Content Cells. A Content Cell is an entity or a topic. Like Welcome or Navi-Guessing Your Way Around.

The Content Cell: contains three seperate parts...

  • Title - the title of the entity or topic, e.g.: Welcome
  • Content - the Content itself, the text, images, etc...
  • Stats - stats about the content, when it was created and last updated
Content Cell Outline

These are a few tricks as outlined in the graphic...

  • Clicking the title will Collapse the Content Cell. Click it again to open it. Some Content Cells are initially displayed in a collapsed state while others are displayed in an open state. As a rule of thumb the newer or more important content is displayed in an open state.
  • Double clicking the title will collapse all content cells. Use this to get to the bottom of the page or to see all the topics in a collapsed state. However, any content that was already in a collapsed state will be opened since it just reverses the state.
  • The Stats (on the bottom) indicate when the content was created (left) and when it was last updated (right). Clicking it will take you back to the top of the page

The Side Nav Bar

The side navigation bar is an outline that illustrates three (3) levels. As you drill down into the topics... To go up one level click the top item.

  • The top level is where you came from...
  • the center level is where you are...
  • and the bottom level is where you can go.


  • Level I <-- Where you came from
    • Level 2A
    • Level 2B <-- Where you are
      • Level 3A <-- Where you can go
      • Level 3B <-- Where you can go
      • Level 3C <-- Where you can go
    • Level 2C

This gives the user (mostly me) the ability to go back a little bit instead of starting over from the top. Sometimes I forget where I was.

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Page Server: Ruger

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