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Global Attributes


    Global or Common attributes apply to All HTML elements. Probably why they call them Global.

    However... not all browsers support all of the global attributes as outlined by The Force... (The Internet Engineering Task Force or IETF).

    So... your milage may vary but this is the list:

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    The Attributes...

    Name Value Description
    accesskey Single printable character A single printable key to be used as a short cut key to activate or focus the element.
    class text A CSS class name used by the browser to add styles to the element
    contenteditable true
    Indicates that the element is editable. Blank is also true.
    contextmenu menu id The id of a context menu to associate with the element.
    dir ltr
    Direction to display the text Right to Left(rtl) or Left to Right(ltr). Input type tel is always ltr
    draggable true
    Is the element dragable with the mouse
    dropzone copy
    HTML 5.1 Spec - Currently not supported but comming to a theater near you soon!
    hidden none The element will not be rendered if this attribute is set
    id text A unique identifier assigned by the author to the element. Very useful in javascript.
    lang BCP 47
    Lang Tag
    The primary language of the elements content
    spellcheck true
    Should the element have its spelling/grammer checked*
    style css propery:value; Style an element. This option overrides all stylesheet and head style elements.
    tabindex number The tab order. The order elements will receive focus when the tab key is used.
    title text a.k.a. bubble help, tool tip or advisary information as The Force puts it. A text banner that pops up when you hold you mouse over the element.
    translate Yes
    HTML 5.1 - currently not supported. Translates the element to another language.

    * - Not really global because it only applies to text elements.

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