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HTML Form Elements

Form Elements

A form doesn't do a whole lot of good if you don't have a way to enter the data. For that there is the Form Element.

There are actually quite a few. The most used by far is the input element which has a miriad of options. This is a list...

  • <button>
  • <datalist>
  • <fieldset>
  • <input>
  • <label>
  • <legend>
  • <option>
  • <optgroup>
  • <output>
  • <select>
  • <textarea>

They don't all work independently... some of them support other elements. For example you wouldn't use the <option> tag unless it was a child of <select> or <dataset>.

Form Element Relationships

At the same time the <legend> tag wouldn't do much good unless it was a child of a <fieldset>

And <label> has an association with all of them... at least the main elements.

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