PowerBuilder is a multi-faceted, very dynamic, 4th generation, rapid development platform.

What sets PowerBuilder apart from everyone else is the datawindow. This unique tool makes the interaction with the database a completely seemless event.

Being used for both input and output, the Datawindow, is the main interface to the data. 90% of PowerBuilder development is in or around this bad boy. Learning curve? Yes... and fairly steep. But well worth the effort and investment.

But that's not all there is to PowerBuilder. It is a fully functional rapid development tool. PowerBuilder is:

  • Object Oriented and offers both
    • Function overloading and
    • Static and Dynamic function lookup
  • Event Driven - Along with the myriad of canned events you can create your own.
  • Inheritance - Very convenient for incorporating business logic in it's own layer.

There are many more aspects of PowerBuilder.

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My Experience...

I've been coding PowerBuilder since version 5... sometime in 1995. Probably considered an expert by some... Lets just say, long enough to know that there are no experts in PowerBuilder. I can build a simple application with PB inside of an hour.

However I have built my very own foundation class library that I base all my apps on. Not sure what to call it yet... been calling it the Leistware Foundation Class.

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Datawindow Crashes...

Symptom: You open a datawindow and powerbuilder crashes...


  • Close Powerbuilder (I know it crashed)...
  • Open regedit...
  • Go to - HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/Sybase/PowerBuilder/<version>/Layout/Default ...
  • Delete the key Datawindow...
  • Reopen PowerBuilder

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