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    Your Data or any of its entities (The Site) does not share your data with any other entity ("Third Party"). We use your data for our own exclusive use to manage your account and inform you of changes to the The Site, policies and procedures, and information you wish to be notified of.

    The Site maintains your information in a secure environement taking percautions... and due dilligence... against unwanted intruders. The Site is not responsible for any breach due to vulnerabilities in third party software or cirumstances beyond our control.

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    Web technologies (HTTP) does not allow a user of any site to actually log in or log out. HTTP doesn't work that way.

    HTTP is a one round trip... slam the door on your way out... technology.

    That means when the server returns your requested page... the connection is terminated. There is no way of knowing who you are the next time you request a page.

    For this reason we employ a technology that helps us track... who you are... called "Cookies".

    A cookie is a simple data element in the form of a name and value. For example username=jdoe

    The cookie acts like an ID or Membership card... allowing us to identify you from everyone else... a "login". The logging in part is getting the cookies or the membership card.

    This is just an example to illustrate the use of cookies. There are a variety of other uses for them.

    To use POTS you must allow us to store cookies on your browser. All cookies from POTS are simple name/value pairs. If you can look at them and some of them look funny to you... that's because they're encrypted... for your security.

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