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    There are two kinds of people in the computer world.

    • Those that like to control everything (control freeks)
    • and those that follow

    Control freaks use linux. Windows is for those that follow... it's nice... convenient and easy to use. But it's hard to control, and boringly . SLOW

    Don't get me wrong, everything has advantages and dis-advantages... I use Windows on my development box... it's graphical, fairly easy to use, multimedia out of the box amoung other things. However, all my servers run linux because it's fast, easy to use and secure. Way more secure that windows. So I guess I am a control freak that like to follow!

    Actually, comparing Windows to Linux is like comparing apples and oranges. Windows has an operating system in it, but they can't be seperated. Linux is an operating system. You can run the GUI of your choice. GNome, KDE, etc. Personnaly I use the command line. Some boxes don't have a GUI installed, some it's disabled and some I use it sparingly.

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